Volunteers are the foundation of Sunday Assembly Nashville; we believe we can do big things when we work together. Join us for service projects that maintain a high standard of pro-science, secular humanist values — improving the lives of people while protecting animals and the environment. Join your fellow assembly members for group activities here.

Or join the Sunday Assembly Core volunteers who keep the gears that make assemblies possible each week in tip-top shape.

Musical Talent

Want to music at Sunday Assembly? More info to come.


Have a poem, reading or maybe a bit of comedy you’d like to share?

The reading portion of each monthly assembly:

  • Is no more than 5 minutes of creative material
  • Can be a poem, live storytelling, comic routine, reading or other work
  • Can be an original or existing work (i.e., a children’s book)
  • Should be positive and family-friendly
  • Should be submitted in its entirely before acceptance


Engage the Assembly to wonder more by sharing your expertise on some fascinating subject! Our speakers infuse assemblies with learning and wonder. If you’re interested in giving a talk, check out these guidelines, and sign up below:

  • Is 10-15 minutes on a topic in which you’re an expert
  • Is the spot in the program where we “Wonder more”
  • Teaches the assembly something factual and new in an engaging way
  • Is practical, scientific, historical, or otherwise informative
  • Should be positive or neutral and family-friendly
  • Cannot promote a product, business or political candidate
  • Should not be about atheism or religion (we’re all pretty much on the same page there already)
  • Visual aids, like a slide show, are encouraged (submit at least 5 days before assembly)
  • Please be prepared to submit an outline, transcript or video before acceptance

The TED talk guidelines are an excellent reference for this (note: unlike TED, Sunday Assembly talks are strictly no more than 15 minutes)

The TED talk guidelines on maintaining scientific credibility are also perfectly applicable to Sunday Assembly Nashville: http://www.ted.com/pages/tedx_curating_speakers

Sunday Assembly Kids

Sunday Assembly Kids is available for children of parents attending Sunday Assembly. Kids can Live Better, Help Often, and Wonder More in fun, age-appropriate ways including books, art, science projects, games and service projects. Kids of all ages are welcome.

Sunday Assembly Kids is possible thanks to adult and teen volunteers. Please sign up if you would like to be involved with Sunday Assembly Kids. We look forward to your participation and help!

Sunday Assembly Core

Help with the many tasks before, during and after, that go into make each Assembly as success.